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Moving Plants - Some Useful Suggestions for the Day before Moving

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There has to be a right time in your packing and moving schedule to pack your plants. Packing them 2-3 days in advance to the moving day doesn't make sense and packing them on the actual day of moving can add to your burden. A day before moving should be chosen to make the final preparations for relocating plants. Here are some tips and suggestions to prepare moving with the plants you nurtured so lovingly.

Pruning Makes Them a Perfect Fit

Pruning is one practice that can help you reduce the area that your plants may occupy. You can carefully shorten the branches by pruning the new growth. It enables plants to take up less space in the transportation vehicle and add to the convenience of packing and moving them. Besides, it renders an attractive bushy look to the plants.

However, you must obtain information about the plants that can be pruned. Some houseplants or those in your garden area may not support pruning. An expert at a nearby nursery can guide you in this task.

Take Cuttings for New Plants

Your packing and moving overload may not allow you to take all the plants from your house and garden area to the new place. However, you may take cuttings of those plants to grow new plants out of them. Again, you must obtain information on which plants can be grown that way. Additionally, you must learn about the right procedure of obtaining the cuttings.

It makes sense that you collect the cuttings of the plants a day before moving. A peat moss or a newspaper should be made wet and the cuttings must be wrapped in it. A zip lock bag and a box should be used to store these cuttings. Make sure that enough water is supplied to the cutting.

Taking Care for Last Time

Don't forget the daily routine that you follow with plants even if you are burdened by the packing and moving tasks. Water all your plants and make sure that they retain right amount of water. Excessive water may promote the growth of fungus or may cause the plant to freeze depending upon the weather conditions during the transport.

These are going to be among the last few hours of you and your plants at the current home. You may share your feelings with your plants, the great listening friends, and keep the stress away.

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