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Household Goods Packing Tips

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Packing can be burdensome or enjoyable, depending upon the way you accomplish it. An organized way of packing your household items definitely adds to packing and moving convenience. Here are some useful tips about packing that you must keep in your mind and implement.

Packing Materials

Take note of the things that you would require to pack your household items. Boxes or cartons, packing papers, newspapers, old clothes, tapes, tape measure, scissors and blades and black markers are among the most important items required to pack.

Arranging Right Cartons

Cartons are available in different sizes and you must estimate how many cartons of each size are required. You can obtain best quality cartons from a packing and moving company. Electronic equipments should ideally be packed in their respective boxes. Choose special cartons for packing dishes and wardrobe. To save money, you may obtain cartons from a friend or colleague, only after checking their condition.

Pack According to Rooms

It is convenient to pack one room at a time. Make sure all items of a room are packed before your switch to another. Mark the packed cartons according to the items of a specific room to make unpacking easy.

How to Use Packing Papers

Packing paper, newspaper and old clothes are of great help while packing and moving your household items. They should be used to wrap crockery items, vases and other fragile items individually. A lot of paper should be used to separate one item from another so that they don't break while colliding with one another.

Packing Items of Different Types

Use talcum powder to eliminate smell from books before packing. Rugs and draperies must be cleaned to eliminate dust and germs way ahead of packing and moving. Medicines should be packed carefully to avoid leakage. Wrap medicine bottles in paper before packing. Decide how plants will be transported and obtain information about the policies that different states follow about plant import. You must know that jewelry and other valuables are your own responsibility.

Some Useful Tips to Follow

Make sure that each carton carries the weight of no more than 50 pounds. You must fill the box till its mouth; else it may crush when stacked. However, overfilling must be avoided. Always choose closed-top cartons to ensure that they are not damaged when stacked. Remember to seal the bottom of the cartons to ensure that the content doesn't fall from beneath.

Labeling each carton is important. Label according to the content of different rooms and also the type of items packed inside. Be there to supervise packing if you hire the packing and moving company services to pack.

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