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If packing and moving from your old place was tiring, you can expect unpacking at the new place to be tedious as well. On top of that, you have to organize all small and big things in the new layout. You may not find the right place for everything and this may end up with a big chaos. How about storing few of the things at an external storage place till the time you organize other things?

One option is to use the storage space offered by the moving company at an expensive price. A better and economical alternative is to use a self-storage unit for the purpose. Here are few things you must learn to rent a self-storage unit while packing and moving and to make best use of it.

A Nearby Storage Unit

Search for self-storage units that are located near to your new house. This helps to save time and fuel whenever you need to access your things stored at the unit. Also learn about days and hours when you can access the facility.

Space Required

Estimate the space that you would like to rent. You may have small things like appliances, clothing and shoes as well as big items like furniture and mowers. Consider the items that you don't require immediately and choose the size of self-storage unit accordingly.

Secure and Safe Storage

Make sure to choose a self-storage unit that employs security measures to protect your possessions. Learn about the security guards as well as surveillance systems that the storage unit has. Besides, you must consider protection that the storage unit offers against high temperature, moisture, pests and other factors that may damage your belongings.

Cost Structure

Learn about the fee for the first month and also for extended time periods if you plan to use the unit for long. Some self-storage units may demand security deposits. Another important thing to consider is whether you need to insure the items you store or not.

Useful Self-Storage Tips

If you have little budget left after packing and moving, rent a small self-storage unit and make optimal use of the space available. You can stack the boxes one over the other to clear some space on ground. Make sure that there is enough space for the air to circulate across the storage space.

Use plastic sheets to be spread beneath the storage boxes and clothes to prevent your belongings from catching dust. Fuels, chemicals, gas containers and other flammable items should never be stored at these units. Make sure that the items made of metals are not rusted before storing them.

A self-storage unit can be of great help while packing and moving to a new place. Make sure you choose a good facility on the basis of the tips you have just learnt.

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