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Packing and moving may lead to some unintentional losses and damages to your belongings. You may find one of your favorite vases, antiques or painting damaged when you unpack them at your new place. You may also find an expensive furniture item damaged after the transition. Moving insurance can help you recover the cost you bear to get the damaged items replaces or repaired. Learn about different types of moving insurance covers and other related aspects from the following discussion.

What Is Mover's Liability?

The government of each state directs the local moving companies to have liability to protect various items you shift. However, this liability cover is limited and doesn't provide full protection to your shipments. For instance, some states instruct packing and moving companies to have liability of $0.60 per pound. If you have very expensive items to insure, this liability cover is just not sufficient to cover loss or damage costs.

Buying Additional Moving Cover

To ensure total protection for your cover, you can buy additional moving cover for various items. Here are some common types of moving insurance covers different companies offer:

  • You must purchase all risk moving insurance if you hire the packing and moving services for loading and transporting.
  • Named perils insurance can be purchased for selected inventory or for total shipment. This type of insurance provides protection against damage caused during loading and moving. You may also purchase this insurance if you load yourself and the movers are hired only for transportation.
  • Truck rental insurance should be purchased if you hire shipping vehicles but no services.

Another way of classifying moving insurance covers is declared value protection and full replacement value. The protection for declared value insurance cover is offered at an amount equal to $1.25 per pound of the weight of the item lost or damaged. For full replacement insurance cover, the amount equal to $3.5 per pound of the weight of the item can be claimed.

Some Useful Tips

You must consider buying cover for pairs. For instance, if you have a pair of chairs and one of them gets damaged during the transit, the company must pay the replacement cost of the pair. Self-storage insurance should be purchased if you temporarily keep some of your belongings at a self-storage facility while packing and moving

It is important that you purchase moving insurance from a reputed company that has good experience in the industry. Compare the moving insurance quotes to purchase a good deal.

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