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Movers Glossary - How Are Different Moving Terms Defined?

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Accessorial Charges

The charges that the packing and moving company adds to the transportation charges for offering additional services like packing, unpacking and loading and unloading through stairs and elevators.

Advanced Charges

These are the charges that you need to pay to the service providers other than the moving company. For instance, the price that you pay to an electrician to disassemble an appliance is included in advanced charges.


A local mover in your area authorized to provide services that represent the services offered by a national moving company

Appliance Service

Getting the large appliances serviced before you pack them in order to make them safe for relocation.

Appliance Dolly

A trailer supplied by the packing and moving company if you wish to load and unload heavy equipments and furniture yourself.

Appliance Dolly

A trailer supplied by the packing and moving company if you wish to load and unload heavy equipments and furniture yourself.

Assessed Value Coverage

Assessed value coverage is the money you need to pay per $1,000 of the assessed value of your household items, in order to obtain protection coverage.

Bill of Lading

The contract between the moving company and the customer. This bill is also regarded as the receipt and should be saved to use it further.

Binding Estimate

The estimate that defines the exact amount that the moving company will charge after the process of packing and moving is over.

Bubble Wrap

A kind of packing material which is used for packing fragile and breakable items.


The moving company that people hire for short or long distance relocation.

Carrier's Liability

The liability assumed by the moving company for the household items that it transports.


The packing boxes in standard sizes supplied by the moving company to pack household items of different sizes.

Cash Discount

The discount a moving company offers to the customers who make payment in cash instead of using a credit card.

Cost of Move

It is the cost of moving, without the extra charges and insurance amount. It is an estimated cost and may change due to different factors.

Cube Sheet

It is used by the packing and moving company representative to calculate the size and weight of the shipment.

Declared Value

It defines the shipment value on the basis of the total weight of the shipment.

Expedited Service

It defines the agreement between the mover and the customer by which the mover agrees to ship by a set date in exchange to a higher price paid by the customer.

Full Replacement Value Coverage

The amount of money per $1,000 of value to avail protection for different items.

Guaranteed Pickup and Delivery Service

The agreement by which the mover has to offer guaranteed pickup and delivery service, failing which the company would be liable to reimburse for the delays.

Interstate Move

Moving from one state to another.

Moving from one state to another.

Moving within the state to the new place located more than 30 miles from the old one.

Local Move

Moving within the radius of 30 miles.


These are the causes of loss and include fire, earthquake, flood and road accidents.

Released Value Coverage

This means the assumed liability by the packing and moving at the rate of $0.60 per pound. The customer needs not to pay any amount to obtain it.


The temporary storage offered by the moving company in case the customer's new house is not prepared.


The rates and rules of the carrier regarding shipping.

Valuation Charge

Based on the assessed value of the items, valuation charges protect these items against loss or damage during shipment.

Weight Ticket

The ticket a van or truck driver receives before and after the loading of shipment. It helps in determining the weight of the shipment.

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