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Having Idea of Moving Cost and Some Budgeting Tips

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Cost is one among the many things that may add to the frustration associated with packing and moving. It is better that you have an approximate estimation of how much money you actually require from day one of the packing preparations till the first few days at your new place. Apart from cost estimation, it is good to learn about moving budgeting tips that help you in saving on the relocation cost.

Listing the Expenses

Begin by listing expenses in different categories as you start with the exercise of packing and moving. First of all, you need considerable money for housing purpose at the new place. You have to spend on rental deposits, utility deposits and security deposits. Also, you may have to reserve cash for getting some types of repairs done. If you wish to use a self-storage unit, you need to include the cost for the same in the list.

Another category of major expenses include charges you need to pay to a packing and moving company. Depending upon the additional services you use, the cost may rise to a high level. Moving supplies and food and cash gifts to volunteer helpers add further to the costs. You also need to consider the cost on air tickets, hotels, fuel, toll tax and other travel related expenses.

Plan the Source of Money

If your bank account has enough money to act as the source of money, it can relive you from a huge burden. If it is not the case, you must look for other sources of money to bear packing and moving costs. Your employer may help you in this direction. Another idea is to organize a garage sale and sell things that you don't wish to take to the new house. The repayment of deposits from your current house is another good source of money, but you have to first pay from your pocket.

Budgeting Tips

Save on packing supplies by obtaining packing boxes from a friend, colleague and neighbor or from a grocery store. You may also find classified ads for old cartons. Use newspapers and tissues to save on bubble wrap. Search online for cheap deals on packing materials.

Prefer to pack the household items yourself and hire the moving company only for transportation. Your friends or some volunteers may help you in the process. You may have to present cash gift to the volunteers, but it will save money on professional services. Use short term storage facility of the packing and moving company and ask for discount if they consolidate your shipment with that of others.

A good idea is to compare the quotes offered by different moving companies, as some companies may charge less than others. Make sure you go through the contract's terms and conditions before signing.

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