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How to Make Best Use of Moving Yard Sale?

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Moving yard sale is organized by a family which is planning to relocate to a new house. There are many reasons to organize a yard or garage sale:

  • You don't require few things at the new house.
  • You wish to buy new things for the new house.
  • You wish to reduce the packing and moving load.
  • You wish to make money that helps you bear the moving expenses.

As you can see, there are many valid reasons that support the purpose of a yard sale before moving. To make best out of it, here are few important tips you must keep in mind.

Choose Right Date and Time

Make sure that the yard sale schedule doesn't affect your packing and moving schedule. It is good to organize a sale on Friday or Saturday. Sunday may not be a good choice, considering that people reserve the last day of the week to enjoy the holiday. You must reserve as many hours of the day as possible for the sale.

Choose the Right Place

Your yard or garage is the best venues for this type of sale. You may also use your house's basement for the same. If you live in an apartment, you may use a friend's yard for the same. The parking area where you park your vehicles is another good place for such type of sale. Make sure that the sale doesn't cause inconvenience to others using the parking area.

Advertise the Yard Sale

You can expect more people to visit the yard sale if you promote it through various mediums. A newspaper classified ad and community TV announcements are some of these mediums. You may also post at local directories online and at communities and forums of the social networking websites. Public bulletin boards are also helpful in this. You must personally inform your neighbors and friends and request them to inform others as well. Use paper signs announcing date, time and venue for the sale.

Some Useful Tips

Mark prices on each item using tags. Use some of the packing and moving boxes you have collected from the grocery store to help buyers pack the things they purchase. Also use newspapers for the same purpose. Keep kitchen items separate from gardening items and so on. Use racks and hangers for clothes that you wish to sell before. Make sure to have calculators and cash boxes ready.

By following all these tips, you can actually achieve benefits of a yard sale that further helps you in arranging for packing and moving funds. Make sure you sell things that you don't regret selling afterwards.

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