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Packing and moving services offered by a mover are a part of a fully organized process. As a result, the moving companies make use of few terms that specify their organized services. It is in your favor to understand the meaning of each of these terms so that you can make best use of the relocation process. Here is a small moving dictionary with most important terms explained.

Accessorial Moving Services

These are defined as the addition services that a packing and moving company offers apart from transportation of goods. These services include packing, unpacking and use of things like stairs, elevators and shuttle vehicles. The company charges separately for providing all these services.

Advanced Charges

The additional charges that you are required to pay to the moving company if they hire a third party, like an electrician or craftsman, to help in the task of packing.


An authorized agent represents a national level moving company in your area.

Appliance Service

It is the process of getting various electronic appliances services before getting them packed for moving to the new place.

Bill of Lading

It is the contract that defines the packing and moving services that you hire from a moving company. It also acts as a receipt for the goods that you transport using these services. You must carefully go through the document before signing it. Also, make sure that you save it until and unless your goods are safely shipped to the new place.

Binding Estimate

An estimate that defines the agreement made in advance between you and the mover. The estimate should clearly define the cost decided for the services that you hire.


It is another name for the moving company that deals in transportation of household goods from old house to the new one.


It is the transportation for a private shipper. The payment for this is made when the delivery is made at your new destination.

Expedited Service

The agreement that defines transportation performed by the mover by a set date is called an expedited service. Charges for this are based on the higher minimum weight.

Guaranteed Pickup and Delivery Service

This ensures the guarantee of shipping by a fixed date, failing which the mover reimburses the delays.

High Value Article

Items that are $100 per pound and those must be in the notice of the mover.


It is the list that mentions the quantity and quality of various household items.

Line Haul Charges

Cost that you require paying for the vehicle transportation of your home.

Non-binding Agreement

Estimate based on the approximate weight of the shipment. The actual charges are decided on the weight of the shipped goods and tariffs involved.

Order for Service

It authorizes the packing and moving company to deliver your household goods.

Order Number

Number used to identify and track your shipment.

Peak Season Rates

These are the highest service charges of a mover during the peak summer months.

Pickup and Delivery Charges

These are the charges that you need to pay for the services between storage-in-transit warehouse and your new residence.


The warehouse facility that you wish to use for storing household items, in case your house is not ready.


It is the published list of prices that the packing and moving company offers.


It defines the shipment worth. You may wish to obtain more insurance for your valuable items than the base liability covers.

Warehouse Handling

This defines the extra charges of a mover depending upon your use of the storage-in-transit facility.

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