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Week by Week Guide with Useful Moving Tips

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Every single day counts when you begin with preparations for packing and moving. Being inexperienced, you may mess up by trying different things in one day. Here are few tips to utilize days from few weeks ahead of the moving day till the actual moving day.

Planning 6-8 Weeks Ahead

Start by preparing the list of things you wish to take to the new place. Decide whether you wish to sell or donate other things. Search for a packing and moving company and hire one offering a suitable deal. Also, arrange the packing supplies you would require to pack various household items. It is good if you simultaneously plan how different things will be installed in the new layout. You should also book flight and hotel for your trip to the new place. Most importantly, use a folder to save all receipts and records of expenses.

Planning 4-5 Weeks Ahead

Fill the address change form with the post office. Inform about the new mailing address to your friends, relatives and service providers like credit and insurance companies, banks, utility companies and clubs. Learn about things that the packing and moving company would not transport and decide how you are going to transport them. Start preparing your kids for the move or they may add to the anxiety if informed later.

Planning 3 Weeks Ahead

Finalize the list of items that you want to take, after doing all additions and subtractions. Decide whether you will do the packing yourself or assign the task to the moving company. Take your pets to veterinarian for a checkup and also hire the animal transportation service. Make sure that any item given for repair is collected and borrowed items like library books are returned.

Planning 2 Weeks Ahead

Follow the procedure to transfer your bank accounts and also, clear the safety lockers in the banks. Create backups for important data lying in your computer. Arrange for separate packing boxes for cleaning products. Drain equipments running on gasoline before packing and moving them. Disocnnect all utility services from the old place and sign up for them at the new house. Get your vehicle serviced before shipping.

Planning 1 Week Ahead

Mark different boxes on the basis of items they contain. For crockery and vases, for example, you can mark the boxes containing them as "breakable". Keep things like jewelry and important documents separate so they don't get loaded into the truck. Pack important things in a handbag if you intend to use them during the trip. Learn about moving insurance and payment options and make sure the mover has address and contact number of the new place.

Planning the Moving Day

Get the things you wish to unpack at last loaded in the trucks before others. Be there when the diver prepares the inventory. Check all corners of the house to ensure nothing has been left out. Turn off the switches and lock all doors and windows before leaving.

As you can see, you can make best use of time available for packing and moving by following these tips. Remember that it is going to be the effort of the whole family to make relocation easy and enjoyable.

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