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What All Packing Materials Are Required to Pack and Move?

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Among the most important packing and moving preparations is to arrange for right packing material. You may have items made from different materials that must be transported safely without experiencing any damage. For this, you must learn about the packing material and accessories, along with some useful tips for packing.

Packing Cartons

You must obtain packing cartons or boxes of different sizes to pack items of different sizes and shapes. For instance, boxes for packing books, showpieces, kitchen items, household cleaners, clothes and other items may differ in terms of size. Figure out how many small, medium and large boxes are required for your packing and moving needs. Also, learn about your needs for wardrobe boxes, heavy duty boxes and electronics boxes are required.

Packing Papers

Papers required for packing differ on the basis of items you wish to pack. For instance, tissue or craft paper is appropriate for delicate items. Corrugated packing paper too is suitable for fragile items and showpieces. Silverware should be packed in paper with low sulfur content.

Other Packing Materials

Cans and jars are required for storing grains and food items. You may also use old grocery boxes provided that they are not damaged. Hangers are required for clothes, drapers and curtains. Old newspapers may be used to pack some of the accessories. Old clothes and blankets may also be used to ensure extra protection for various items.

Packing Accessories

You must have scissors and blades ready with you to make you task for packing and moving easy. An important packing accessory to have is the tape used for sealing the boxes. Cotton, foam and other soft materials should be used to maintain gap between crockery items and other breakable items packed in the box. Markers and printed labels are other accessories required for identification of boxes containing different items.

Making Best Out of Packing Materials

Make sure that you don't pack flammable items in any of the packing materials. Drain out water or other liquids from the bottles that are not sealed. Make sure that the delicate and fragile items are packed in the center of the cartons. Always use separate cartons for items made of different materials. Use more than one packing sheet to pack items that are heavy in weight. Test the capacity of each carton to bear specified loads.

It is a good idea to purchase packing materials from an expert packing and moving company to ensure good quality of these materials. These companies can also help you in making the right use of these materials by following right packing procedures.

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