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Tips to Make the Final Move with Your Plants

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If plants are accompanying you on your way to the new house, you have to introduce few changes to the otherwise straight schedule. You must understand that plants are among the most difficult things on your packing and moving list. If you fail to take a good care of them, they may not bear the strain of traveling. Here are few tips that you must follow on the day of moving to ensure that your plants prove to be good companions.

Talk to the Mover

The packing and moving company you hired may not agree to transport your plants. Even if the mover agrees, they don't provide insurance for the plants that are so valuable to you. Nobody else can take good care of your plants. You must take the responsibility to transport them in your private vehicle.

Right Packing Material

You would like to pack your plants optimally so that they take up the least space in the vehicle. While dish pack boxes are appropriate for short plants, large and elongated wardrobe boxes can be used for long plants. Take suggestions from the packing and moving about the packing materials for plants.

Loading the Plants

It is important that you load the plants as the last items in the trucks or your private vehicle. This is to ensure that your plants stay away from the heavy boxes that may damage their tender branches and leaves. This also enables you to unload the plants as the first items once your reach your new home.

Ensure Right Temperature and Air Supply

One thing that can damage your plants on the move is the unfavorable temperature inside the vehicle. You can cover the plants with wet newspapers to keep them cool. Another good idea is to use tissue paper as cushions for soft leaves. Keep on checking that the plants have enough water throughout the journey and that they don't dry up. Another important thing is to ensure that the plants get enough supply of air. For this, the best way is to make holes in the boxes you store the plants in.

Taking Care on the Road

Whenever you make a stop, make sure you allow the plants to receive fresh air and required amount of sunlight. If it is extremely hot outside, you must park your vehicle under a shade. If it is a long journey, you might thing of staying at a hotel at night on the way. Open the boxes at night and keep them close to a source of light.

Once you reach the new home, unload the plants, unpack them immediately and keep them undisturbed in a corner. Make sure that the corner receives desired amount of sunlight. After you finish up with the packing and moving exercise, you can enjoy installing your plants all over the house to revive that beautiful and natural look.

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