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How to Use Moving Quotes and Estimates for Moving Cost Anticipation?

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If you fail to anticipate the cost of packing and moving, you may end up paying out of your budget. You must consider cost estimation as an important preparation for relocating and devote required amount of time towards it. Here are some tips that should be of help in this direction.

Factors that Affect the Moving Cost

First of all, you must know about the factors that are going to affect your total cost of moving. Here are some of these important factors.

  • Weight of the household items that you wish to transport.
  • Total distance that your things would require to travel. This includes road taxes, no matter whether you move interstate or intrastate.
  • Additional services that you wish to avail from the packing and moving company.
  • Special situations like use of stairs, elevators and small shuttle trucks. This may also include appliance servicing and advanced charges for using one or more professionals.
  • Self storage or storage-in-transit that you wish to use temporarily.

Types of Estimates

Packing and moving companies offer three types of estimates. Learn about them and consider the one that meets your preferences:

  • Non-binding Estimates: This type of estimate doesn't fix the moving cost in advance. The cost is decided on the basis of the weight of the shipment finally transported. You must understand that the cost in this type of estimate may change on the basis of additional services you hire at a later stage.
  • Binding Estimates: In this type of estimate, a moving cost is fixed between the mover and the customer. Both the parties have to stick to the cot, even if the weight of shipment increases or decreases. However, these estimates are also subject to revision in case of additional services.
  • Guaranteed-Not-To-Exceed Estimates: This is the most preferred type of estimate these days. It works similar to the binding estimate as the moving cost is fixed in advance. However, the cost may decrease in case the actual weight of the shipment is less than the estimated weight.

How to Obtain Quotes?

The quotes from packing and moving companies can be obtained on the internet. However, make sure that you obtain written estimates from the companies. Also, learn how long the estimates remain valid without any revision. Make sure to obtain quotes and estimates form at least 3 companies to make the comparison easy.

It is also important to obtain charges for different services separately. Finally, learn about the payment terms and modes of payment that the company accepts. You must devote enough time in this process so that moving costs don't tap your bank balance.

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