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Make the Moving Day Exciting for Your Children

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Moving to a new place marks the beginning of a new phase of life. The day of moving from your old place is an important day for you and your family to lay the foundation of this new phase. You can team up with your children and make packing and moving an enjoyable family exercise. It is the right day for your children to get excited about the new transition and you can help them in the following ways.

Guide Them to Pack Their Stuff

You can make your children feel responsible by guiding them to pack their belongings in separate cartons. Make sure that you don't throw away toys, clothes and other possessions of your children. Another good idea is to prepare colorful labels with their names which they can paste to their own cartons. Reward them for their clean packing efforts and tell them that they have grown up to enjoy a new life.

Take New Memories

Celebrate your last day or week in your old house before packing and moving. Ask them to click photos of different parts of the house. Encourage them to prepare a scrapbook by pasting these photos. You can also allow them host a small party with their friends. Take out time to plan a visit to one of the favorite places of your children. All these things will make them excited about something new which is happening in their lives.

Plan Their First Day

Sit with your children and plan your first day at the new place. Ask them to choose their favorite bed sheets, pillow covers and blankets that they would like to use during the first night. Help them choose the clothes, shoes and other things that they will wear on the first day in their new home. You may also plan their favorite food in the dinner at the new place. Keep them encouraged about fun and excitement that they will have while setting up their new room.

Entertain Their Trip

During the trip to your new home, you can take along the favorite music CDs of your children and play them on the way. You may also choose their favorite comics, books and games that will keep their spirits high while packing and moving. Don't forget to pack their favorite snacks to make them feel treated for accepting the new life.

Packing and moving conclude once the moving day sets down. It is the time to welcome your children in their new life and all these tips will help you in this.

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