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Introducing New Place to Children after the Move

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Once the burdensome process of packing and moving gets over, you end up being at your new house with your family. It is again the time to feel excited and feel the same emotions that you had while packing. Have your children behaved as per your expectations while packing and moving? If yes, don't consider the process to be over as yet. You must learn some after the move tips to help your children adapt to the new environment.

Introduce the New Layout

Even if your children had been there before, you must re-introduce the new layout of the house. A home welcoming ceremony would ignite their interest. Walk along with them and let them recognize the sections like their bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and so on. Also make them aware of the parts that may not be safe for them, especially if they are too young.

Make the Home Safe

If you have small baby, you need to make your home safe for him or her. Make sure that your install plugs in the electric sockets and seal the sockets that you don't require. Also, install the baby safety products that you had been using at your old home immediately. These include baby safety gates and play pens.

Set Their Room First

To make them feel comfortable, prioritize to set their room before other sections of the house. You must have taken care while packing and moving that their personal stuff gets unpacked before other items. They should be given their favorite toys if they are too young. Teens would love to place their favorite photo frames and other things on the shelves. Help them unpack their stuff so that they feel nice about the new place.

Teens and pre-teens would also like to make suggestions in the way their room should be set. Take into consideration their suggestions and recommend few things from your side as well.

Watch Their Emotions

Young children may not immediately feel comfortable with the new home, bedroom and surroundings. They may lose sleep or become stubborn about few things. Make them feel comfortable in the bed and ask them to share their feeling with you. Involve them in the task of unpacking and arranging different things.

Help Them Adapt

Begin with your routine family practices as soon as possible. This includes having daily meals together and following the old schedule of sleeping and waking up. This helps the children to understand that nothing dramatic has happened. Going further, introduce your children to the neighbors and encourage them to make new friends.

Settling down at the new place is a continuing phase of packing and moving. Your children need your support and guidance to pass this phase with success and adapt to their new life.

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