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Tips to Prepare the Move for Your Pet

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Pets, especially dogs and cats, have the ability to sense something unusual as you make the preparations for packing and moving. Unlike you and other members of the family, your pet spends most of its time in the house. It is familiar with the surroundings and loves to wander freely in all corners. Relocating with your pet means detaching it from the small world it is familiar to. Learn some tips that you must follow before the move to keep your pet in good spirit.

Take Proper Care

Preparations for packing and moving may make your routine hectic. You may find less time to perform daily chores. However, your pet must not be neglected in the process. Keep on taking its care like before. Provide it food on time, take it to walk as per the routine and play with it like before.

Pack with Care

As you indulge into packing your household items, it is better to keep the pet out of sight. You may tie it up so that it doesn't have the strange feeling of the things getting packed. Also, it is important to keep the pet away from delicate items that you pack to avoid any loss or accident. Make sure to have a separate carton to pack the pet's belongings, including eating and drinking bowls, pet toys and other things that the pet recognizes.

Last Checkup before You Leave

Get your pet's health monitored with the help of the vet you have been visiting regularly. Make sure that you have not missed any vaccine and obtain the vaccination record and certificates from the veterinarian. Make sure that you get the complete checkup done as a part of the packing and moving process.

Collars and Identification Tags

Make sure that the pet collar you have has not gone out of form. Besides, you must arrange for identification tag if you don't have it already. This is to ensure that pet's security if it goes missing while traveling to the new place or at the new place. The tag should have address and contact number of your new place.

You must identify if your pet shows some types of unusual symptoms of anxiety and take suggestions from the vet about the same. It is important to handle these symptoms before you make final preparations for packing and moving. All the aforementioned tips can help you and the pet to feel normal about the relocation.

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